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Special Services

Baptism, Weddings, Funerals

The Christian Rites of the Church are intended for those who seek to live out their faith as part of Living Christ’s church family (i.e. church members).  In special situations, they may also be celebrated with those who are part of the  “extended family” of the Church.  Contact the pastor for more information.



In Baptism a child is “born again of water and the Spirit” and adopted into the family of God. For this reason, they are normally performed in  a Sunday worship service so the church family can rejoice in it and commit to helping the child grow in “the knowledge and love of the Lord.”  

In certain cases, private baptisms are also a valid option.


Since Baptism only “plants the seed” of faith in a child, it needs the follow-up of “watering” and “feeding” and “pruning” so that faith can grow and “bear fruit.” The primary responsibility for Christian nurture lies with the parents, assisted by the Godparents/Sponsors (who should therefore be Christians themselves!).  There is no “rule” for when to baptize an infant, but “sooner is better!” 


Due to limited staff, weddings are available only to Living Christ members (and those becoming active members). Premarital counseling, service preparation, bulletin preparation, musical consultation, rehearsals, and the “big day” itself all require a significant outlay of time for all involved.  A standard honorarium for a pianist or organist is $150 (plus $50 if rehearsal with a soloist or instrumentalist is involved). The pastor’s honorarium is normally $250.


Our gymnasium and full kitchen may be available for the wedding reception (during the summer months when the gym is not needed on Sunday morning).  There is no cost to members for rental, only a $200 fee for set-up and custodial costs.


Members who have been married a significant length of time may wish to renew their vows and celebrate the love and blessings of God in their life.  This may involve a large celebration or a more private setting.


Memorials and Funerals


The church does not charge a fee for the funeral service of a member at Living Christ.  Please do provide an appropriate honorarium for the time and preparations of a pianist or organist (minimum: $125 + an additional $50 if rehearsal with a soloist or instrumentalist is required). An honorarium for the pastor’s time and services is at the discretion of the family.


Niches in Living Christ’s columbarium (“The Garden of All Saints”) may be purchased by members past and present, and their immediate family members.


Call the Church Office (608-829-2136) for more information.

Lent and Advent are special times when we prepare our hearts and minds for the special celebration of Easter and Christmas.

Lutheran Church of the Living Christ offers Wednesday evening Lenten and Advent services.  Services start at 7:00pm.


Prior to the services we have a fellowship meal.  The meal starts at 5:30pm.


Please join us for the fellowship meal and services.

Wednesday Lenten and Advent Services


Blue Christmas Service


This brief service of readings and silence, with special music and candlelight, is designed to minister to those struggling with pain, loss, isolation, and grief in the midst of the holiday season. 


Call the Church Office (608-829-2136) for more information. 

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