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Special Music


Did you miss church today? 

We have many musically talented musicians and often have special music in our service that may not be include in our online service.  This page has some selections from various services.

Arise my soul, arise.

from 3-10-24 service.


From August 27, 2023 Service

Guitars August 27 2023.png
August 27 2023-12-15 165030.png
chorus 2 August 27 2023.png

Shalom - Choir Anthem August 6, 2023

Listen to a piece from our Pentecost service, Concerto in A minor for two violins - l."Allegro" by Antonio Vivaldi with guest violinists in the video:

Early Music Ensemble

November 2021


To listen to more music pieces that were not included in the online service go to our meditation channel by  clicking here.

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