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What We Believe

The Apostles’ Creed summarizes our core beliefs.  This ancient statement of faith expresses what Christians of all times and places have believed, starting with Christ’s first followers.

I believe in God, the Father Almighty,

maker of heaven and earth,

And in Jesus Christ,

his only Son, our Lord, who was

conceived by the Holy Spirit,

born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, died and was buried.

He descended into hell.

The third day he rose again from the dead.

He ascended into heaven

and sits at the right hand

of God the Father Almighty.

From there he will come to 

judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

the holy Christian Church,

the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,

and the life everlasting. Amen.

The Apostles’ Creed confesses the basic “facts of the faith” – that:

  • God made the world (Note: It doesn’t try to answer “how” or “how long ago!”)

  • God visited this world (in Jesus Christ – who will return when it ends! The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central event in history.)

  • God is still at work in this world (in the Holy Spirit, at work in his people, the Church)

Based on these truths, we also believe that:

  • God loves his creation, and so should we!

  • God loves us, enough to send his Son to die for us, and his Spirit to live in us!

  • God has a purpose for our lives here, and a promise of better things to come!

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