Sunday Adult Classes

3:16 class leaders are preparing to offer Bible studies by Zoom video conference beginning on May 10. Before then, we hope you will join us for a brief “meet and greet” and technology test video conference on this Sunday, May 3 at 9:15 am.  You will find the Zoom conference access link for May 3 and the links for future Sunday classes in Pastor’s weekly email.  More.... 


Sunday Morning Adult Classes at 8:00am and 9:15am are held downstairs in the Youth Room.  Coffee available. 


Adult Classes at 10:45am classes are held in the library/meeting room next to the elevator on the main floor.


The Bible is a big book of books! While this course may sound like a Bible survey, we hope it will amount to that and much more.  In an attempt to learn something of the big picture of God’s redemptive plan for us, we will examine a small selection from each book of the Bible in depth.

Each week we will overview a single book of scripture and then focus our discussion on the same single verse from each book, namely its chapter 3, verse 16. Some of these verses will be familiar to you, many more will not.  We will grapple with God’s Word as presented in these verses: What is the context of this verse? How does this lead me to Jesus? How does this scripture apply to the Christian life? We will alternate Old and New Testament selections each week and begin with Genesis 3:16 (week one) followed by Matthew 3:16 (week two), then Exodus, Mark, etc. 

We are borrowing this approach of “stratified sampling” to Bible study from Donald Knuth, renowned computer scientist, mathematician, and professor at Stanford University. Knuth authored a series of 3:16 Bible Studies and presented them at Bethany Lutheran Church in Menlo Park, California.  His studies have since been published in a book, “3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated,” which comprises fourpage summaries of his presentations, including an artist’s calligraphic rendering of each 3:16 verse. While Knuth’s book is not a text for the class, we have a limited number of books available for those who are interested. You may purchase a copy in any of the adult classrooms at the discounted price of $15 each.

--Karen Benton, coordinator

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