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Local Missions & Ministries

Our local missions include:

Triangle Ministry

Living Christ donates items to TCM.  TCM is an ecumenical ministry of presence in solidarity with the residents of the Triangle Community. The ministry seeks to make visible the Word by assisting and supporting residents in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Community Garden

A portion of our property is dedicated as a Madison Community Garden for lower income family garden plots.

Sewing & Crafting Ministry

Living Christ members work together to create hundreds of quilts and other items that are given to local, regional and international ministries. Locally quilts are provided to Middleton Outreach Ministries, CareNet Pregnancy Center and other local ministries.


International Friendship Center (IFC)

The International Friendship Center on the UW Madison Campus, part of Calvary Lutheran Campus Ministry reaches out to international students through English as a Second Language classes, social events, Bible study.

Dane County Jail Ministry

The Madison Area Lutheran Council (MALC) provides chaplains for the Dane County Jail in Madison and other local ministry.


WayForward Resources
Middleton Outreach Ministries)

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Living Christ is Member Church of WayForward Resources, which provides assistance to our neighbors in the West Madison and Middleton area needing food, clothes, housing assistance and emergency funds and help for seniors. They host one of the largest food pantries in the county, and provides assistance to those facing eviction or housing insecurity through their housing stabilization program.

Living Christ Preschool

Living Christ Preschool Ministry provides Christian preschool education for many children and families in our surrounding community who are not members of Living Christ. Living Christ also funds a scholarship assistance program to help children of lower income families in our neighborhood attend Living Christ Preschool.


CareNet Pregnancy Center


CareNet Pregnancy Center and The Elizabeth HouseCareNet Pregnancy Center provides free counseling and support for women facing unplanned pregnancies and help develop positive solutions focused on the well-being of the client, client’s family, and the unborn child. The Elizabeth House provides a safe and nurturing living environment enabling women to carry their infant to term, learn parenting and life skills, facilitate healing and restore hope, and prepare for independent living.

Lussier Community Food Pantry

The Lussier Community Food Pantry provides support for people in our immediate neighborhood. For more information on the Food Pantry click here.


Oakwood Foundation


Lutheran Christ financially supports the Oakwood foundation.  Oakwood Village is a Lutheran church-sponsored organization whose mission is to serve older or infirm persons through loving, caring Christian communities, and more. For more information click here.

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