Meet Some Living Christ People

Bob & Jeanne Topel
We have found Living Christ to be a wonderful church home. The members of the Living Christ family are committed Christians who care about their faith and one another. It is big enough to offer a wide variety of ministerial services and small enough to be a "family" where just about everyone knows everyone else. The wide variety of ministry services, Christian educational experiences and fellowship activities meet just about every need.
Jason & Julie Jensen
Calvin, Grant, Christian & Henry
What we love most about being part of Living Christ is that children are a part of every service. Our children feel welcomed, accepted and nurtured by fellow members and, of course, by our Pastor. Not only are they made comfortable during services, but our children look forward to social and educational times planned outside of worship service. It is during all of these experiences that we see our children grow in their faith and walk with Jesus.
Vivian Dickson, Anita & Artur
Living Christ is a wonderful welcoming church with people that truly care about each other and a positive and loving energy that drives the many programs and ministries. Pastor Dan’s sermons are relevant and very educational; he inspires us to be caring individuals and better Christians. The facilities provide plenty of space for all the events and social activities offered. My kids enjoy spending time there and look forward to attending church services every Sunday. I especially love that there are many opportunities for my children to grow and learn about their faith.