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World Lutheran Deaf Outreach


LCLC has been financially supporting the World Lutheran Deaf outreach organization for many years.


Lutheran  Deaf Outreach (LDO)

Did you know that deaf people are among the most unchurched in our nation? While ministry to the deaf flourished in many LCMS Districts in the past, many of those ministries have struggled or even died completely. We are blessed to have two men serving the deaf in SWD: Pastor John Reinke at Our Savior Deaf in Madison and Pastor Bud Palmer at Emmanuel Deaf in West Allis. Both men also serve the deaf community in Delavan and at other locations throughout SWD. Not only do these men serve local congregations, but through streaming video of their Bible classes and worship services they reach out to the often-isolated deaf Christian population in the U.S. Several deaconesses, who have been trained through the DIT (Deaf Institute of Theology) at the St. Louis Seminary, help with their work.


LDO has two primary goals:

  1. Our first goal is to teach people to have a nurturing relationship with Christ, the Church and the Culture.

  2. Our second goal is to raise the funds to support this ministry.



  • We are streaming training live Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 12 noon.  We have over 600 people on average watching the videos each week.

  • Deaf and hearing people all over the world studying with the materials you have helped us to develop!!

  • Advanced students: Continuing mentor Deaf Deaconess student in 2nd Year.  Mentoring Deaf man through colloquy process; Mentoring two men working in Deaf church to apply for seminary this fall.  Please pray for more Deaf men and women become trained!

Your gifts make it possible for us to pay the salaries of Rev. William “Bud” Palmer and Rev. Dr. John Reinke.  Both of our pastors have a teaching others to share Jesus with deaf people.  Your gifts are their only source of income and we thank God for giving us what we need to continue to pay them. 

Future gifts to the mission and ministry should be sent to:

Lutheran Deaf Outreach
PO Box 1795
Janesville, WI 53547

To learn more about LDO and donate directly click here.

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