Ephesians 6

January 2021

Children’s Lesson

Connecting With your Baptism

This month video...

The video 'clip' for January 2021 lesson is for families to play the movie at home.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Walt Disney Pictures 2006 release

Here are the times of the scenes to watch:

  • Receiving their gifts (spiritual gifts received at our baptism), 1:08:20

  • Aslan claims/pays for Edmunds wrongs/sins, 1:34:05

This film is rated PG and there are some intense moments. If you are going to watch with younger children please view it first!  The film has great theological connections to our baptism which is the focus of our January 2021 lessons in Ephesians 6 Children's ministry.

Thanks for helping to make connections with your children about baptism at home during January 2021. 

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