Ephesians 6
Children’s Lesson

Noah's Ark


Ephesians 6
September 2021
Children’s Lesson

Cain and Abel

We plan to gather in person to learn about the first two siblings, Cain and Abel,  Sunday, 9/19 and 9/26, 10:45-11:30am.   

We will be following the mandates in place by public health, policies being used by the school districts in our area to attempt to be as safe as possible.   We aim to be in community with patience, flexibility and respect. 

The following overview and Zoom link will help families who are not able to join us in person with activities to do together at home as they learn about these brothers and how to deal with anger!

Beginning Sept 19 at 10:30am: 
           Click here to join the zoom class.


Ephesians 6
November, 2021
Children’s Lesson

Tower Of Babel