Ephesians 6

May, 2021

Children’s Lesson

Armor of God

We plan to gather in person to learn about the pieces of God's Armor on Sunday, 5/2, 10:30-noon.  We will aim to be outside at church for a lesson, flying kites and a picnic lunch.  The following overview will help families who are not able to join us on 5/2 with activities to do together at home as they learn about the pieces of God's Armor!

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Ephesians 6

Children’s Lesson

April, 2021

Doubting Thomas

Ephesians 6 Children’s lessons will be focused on the Bible Account of Thomas - the disciple who wondered, John 20.  We will meet Sundays, 4/11-5/2, via Zoom at 10:45-11:30.  Please join us to learn more about our loving God who welcomes our questions!

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March, 2021

Feeding of the 5000

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February, 2021

Temptation of Jesus

As you learn about the Temptation of Jesus you will discover that God’s Word is important to know as each of us stands firmly against Satan’s attacks.  Join us on Zoom Sunday mornings OR use the lesson sheet, as a family, at home during February!

This month video...by the Bolling family


January 2021

Connecting With your Baptism

The video 'clip' for January 2021 lesson is for families to play the movie at home.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Walt Disney Pictures 2006 release

Here are the times of the scenes to watch:

  • Receiving their gifts (spiritual gifts received at our baptism), 1:08:20

  • Aslan claims/pays for Edmunds wrongs/sins, 1:34:05

This film is rated PG and there are some intense moments. If you are going to watch with younger children please view it first!  The film has great theological connections to our baptism which is the focus of our January 2021 lessons in Ephesians 6 Children's ministry.

Thanks for helping to make connections with your children about baptism at home during January 2021. 


November 2020

Heaven Revelations 21  and 22



October 2020

Genesis 3

"Genesis of Jesus" video

performed by the Mischnicks.


September 2020

Genesis 1-2

God's Amazingly Astonishing World

performed by the Daley and Hunter kids.


We have a very creative God!  Your homework is to read about one ‘day’ of creation each day this week..... then as a family find a few things that can remind us about God creating that for us!
At church this morning each student had an opportunity to create something that was created by God for us to enjoy!  These are the results.
This also will be visual examples for my Chapel at Living Christ Preschool this Wednesday!!  God is good - all the time!!