Visitor FAQs

How Should I Dress?
Our hope is that you feel welcome and comfortable. You will see people from business casual to a suit and tie, but please don't worry about what you are wearing, it is all about worship.

Will I Have To Stand And Introduce Myself?
No. We want to welcome you, but we also want you to feel comfortable, so we opt not a do a formal introduction of newcomers and visitors during the service. As part of most worship services, we briefly greet those around us, which will give you a chance to meet those sitting near you.

Is An Offering Taken?
Yes, but as our guest your presence is gift enough! Living Christ's ministry is supported by our members and regular visitors. Please continue to give your tithes and offerings to your home church, which needs your support.

I'm Not From A Christian Or Lutheran Background & Don't Have Much Experience Going To Church.
Is That OK?
Yes. All are welcome. Come experience and learn more. You are not expected to say or do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Participate as much as you like and let us know what questions you have or how we can help you.

What If I Want More Information After I Visit?
We are happy to help! Please contact us – call or email - with any questions you may have. We also encourage you to sign our guest book (near the entry), but we have found that most visitors prefer to make the first contact, so we respect that and will typically wait for your call or email.

Can I Participate In Communion If I Am Not A Member?
For Lutherans, Holy Communion is a sacrament – an "act of God" in which He offers His forgiveness, life, and salvation – won at the cross. As a "means of grace" it does not depend on us, or our own worthiness, but on Christ's words: "This is my Body…this is my blood – given and shed for you." Faith believes His words and receives His gifts. If you share this faith with us, and have been to the font to be "born again" into the family of faith, then come with us to the altar of the Lord - to "proclaim his death" – for you – and celebrate His life – in you!