LCLC Response
to the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis


Our first effort is to pray for peace in Ukraine and for its people who are suffering, fleeing or fighting.

Our second effort is to collect funds to support


GEM has been on the ground since the second day of the war to move refugees from the Polish border to other parts of Europe. They have expanded their presence and are a powerful force in the resettlement of refugees in this crisis.

While there are many charities that operate in good faith and with high standards, we believe that this is a worthy organization because almost 100% of their collected funds go to programs and because they are in place right now.  For more information see:   click here.

For Fellowship Time on Sunday, March 20th, the Evangelism Committee and friends will be serving Ukrainian pastries, breads and treats.


On the bulletin board are pictures, information and a map of Ukraine.  The sunflower is the national flower and the flag colors are blue and yellow:  blue for the sky and yellow for the wheat fields.

By the bulletin board are some small flags and a prayer that you may use to show your support for Ukraine.  (Place flag with blue on top)

Envelopes are provided for your donation. Make checks payable to LCLC.  Place envelopes in the offering plates or in the church office. We hope to mail our first check March 28th.

Board of Evangelism