Student Ministries


Therefore put on the full armor of God, so…that you may be able to stand your ground...

Ephesians 6:13

Living Christ student ministries focuses on students and their families from junior high (middle school) through college and post high life.

Our emphasis is nurturing the young people in their relationship and knowledge of their Lord and Savior and helping them build Christ centered lives, within the context of their family.

Students and families are encouraged to actively participate in worship, Ephesians 6 Ministry, confirmation, congregation activities, and youth group fellowship and service activities.

Parents receive support, encouragement and resources to help them teach and model faith.

Ephesians 6 Ministry
Ephesians 6 Ministry continues to build on the foundation begun in children & family ministries. Class names come from the armor of God references in Ephesians Chapter 6, reminding us that as we grow in our relationship and knowledge of God we "put on more of God's armor".

Belt of Truth (5th grades)
Focus is on Bible history

Standing Firm (6th, 7th & 8th grades)
Junior high relevant topics and lessons for growing in faith, God's Word and living a Christ centered life.

God's Full Armor (High School)
Discussions include a wide range of topics, experiences,
knowledge and skills relevant to high school students and
important for Christian living - seeking God's guidance
through His Word and prayer.

Confirmation begins in the 5th grade with first communion instruction in the fall, followed by first communion. Junior high students (6th through 8th grade) continue to grow in their understanding and faith through a series of Confirmation class modules. Once all the class modules are finished, students select and complete a service project and are then confirmed – typically in the 9th grade.

Youth Group
Youth group for junior high (middle school) and high school students includes a wide range of activities such as Friday night open gym and relax time, fun outings, a "mystery trip", service projects, bowling, concerts and more.

College / Post High
Focused on college students and post high young people, living in the area or away at school – maintaining contact and supporting them in Christian living, staying active in worship, God's Word, prayer and serving their Savior.