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Solar Panel Proposal

Solar Panel Update


The Voters’ Assembly passed the proposal from the Properties’ Board to install 75 solar panels on the roof closest to the parking lot.


After a grant for the panels and a $5,000 rebate, our cost is $58,000, to be recouped after 9-11 years. 75 panels will provide 44% of our energy costs each year.


A congregation member has offered to match up to $20,000 of contributions towards additional panels (133 maximum, which would offset 81% of current energy costs. Cost per panel: $980. Watch your email and the bulletin for information on how to contribute, 


if you’d like to give a gift “that keeps on giving!” If you have questions about the panels, please contact Brett Veerman

Solar Panel Proposal Meeting 6-7-20 Video: 

Church:  608-829-2136  

Preschool:  608-829-3598  

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