Operation Christmas

This ministry is an opportunity for a child to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sharing Good News with Great Joy.


If you are not familiar with Operation Christmas Child, you can watch an short video on this ministry by:  Click here.

The video is changed each week so come check back.

How to Pack a Shoe box

Watch how to pack a shoebox and a brief video of the Gospel being shared with children worldwide by the gift of packed shoeboxes.  CLICK HERE.

What to put in a Shoe box


Are you wondering what to put in the shoebox?  Here is a document you can print filled with ideas.

Why the $10 donation/sponsorship


For more reasons to sponsor a shoebox with at $10 donation.  Click Here.

This month at LCLC: 

We are focusing on collecting hygiene items including: toothbrushes, soap, dental floss, combs.

We urgently need the items listed below with some shopping suggestions:

  • Toothbrushes                    -  Menards, Walmart and Amazon

  • 3-4 oz. bars of soap          -  Menards

  • Pens

  • Pointed Scissors

  • Crayons                             - Walmart

  • Colored Pencils                  - Walmart

  • Coloring Books (ages 2-4):   - Family Dollar

  • WOW gifts for all ages of boys: 15-20 per age group

​Kids activities: Include your kids in the shoebox packing.  Here are some kids activity sheets for you to download and print.


Save the date and join us for the packing party.


2000+ Churches have been started around the world in the last two years in part through Operation Christmas Child.

250+ unreached people groups will receive shoebox gifts and the message of the Gospel by 2024.

120,000+ Children on Pacific islands have received a shoebox gift.

You can help send shoebox gifts to these hard-to-reach areas of the world.  In just a few clicks online, select items you want to send to a child in need.  We will pack and ship the gift for you for a suggested donation of $25, which covers the cost of the contents, shipping, and other project costs.