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Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots Inc. (LAMP) has been providing spiritual witness and nurturing faith in communities in remote areas of northern Canada. LAMP is a cross-cultural ministry sharing Jesus Christ with God’s people in remote areas of Canada, in part through sports camps and leading vacation Bible schools.

A team of LCLC members left for Easterville, Manitoba July 14 and returned July 22.


Team members: Bethany K, Deb V, Peter T, Rev.  Konz, Melissa W, & Jaimie L

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The mission team conducted a  Vacation Bible School at St. Alban Anglican Church for 30+ children. Through songs, stories, and puppet shows, they shared the Word of God. They also built relationships through crafts, games, and community activities. The week ended with the story of Jesus' resurrection, followed by a pancake lunch for all and more outside fun. The team is already making plans for VBS 2024. Reach out if you are interested!

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Favorite song: "I just wanna be a sheep - Baa Baa Baa".

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Throughout the week we built a garden to show Creation, Crucifixion, and the Empty Tomb.

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To learn more about LAMP  visit their web site by clicking here.

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