Youth Drive Thru Holy Week Event

Events as they were Written

LCLC Youth had a drive thru event for Holy Week.  Our helpful staff  guided the cars thru the event.

If you were not able to join us for the event, you can watch the movie below.

The Cast:

Introduction: Today you will hear about the events of the first Holy Week. Several of my friends who were around that week wanted to help tell this story.  It is Good News and is sometimes referred to as the Gospel!  We all LOVE to tell the Story…..

Station 1:

My name is Jonathan. I live in Jerusalem.
(Matthew 21: 7-11)


Station #3:

My name is Sarah.  I am a servant in my Master's house in Jerusalem.

(Matthew 26: 26-28)

Station #5:

My name is Nathan  I am a teacher in Jerusalem.

(Matthew 27: 27, 31, 33)

(Luke 23:34)

(Matthew 27:45, 50)

Station #2:

My name is Mark, I go to school in Jerusalem

(Matthew 26: 3-5, 14-16)


Station #4:

My name is Eli/Elizabeth 

I am also a servant in Jerusalem.

(Matthew 26: 57-60, 63-64)


Station 6: 

My name is Curtis.  I am a child in Jerusalem.

(Matthew 28: 1, 5-7)


Much has been written about that first Holy Week in Jerusalem since and you will find all these events recorded in The Bible, God’s Holy Word.  As you celebrate Holy Week read it for yourself from your Bible and remember these events leading up to Easter!
(Matthew 28: 16-20)

Happy Easter!!