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Meet our new
Family Ministries Director

On Sunday, June 11, we welcomed our new Family Ministries Director, Emilie Glaw.


Emilie is a commissioned DCE (2012) and a degree in parish music (2008) with a minor in Lutheran confessionalism from Concordia University St. Paul, MN.


Emilie is experienced in leading and teaching Sunday School, midweek school, confirmation, youth, VBS, youth trips, music with children, handbells, Christmas programs, chapel for preschool and midweek school


She stated in her commissioned minister document: “We are lifelong learners. Continuing to learn and grow in faith, in Christ, God gives us different perspectives of His Word as we mature through the seasons of our life. Each season offers unique abilities, joys, and challenges in our faith journey. In ministry I strive to provide appropriate learning opportunities and resources to support and engage those with whom I am working.”

Welcome Emilie!

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