Children & Family Ministries


Therefore put on the full armor of God, so…that you may be able to stand your ground ...

Ephesians 6:13

Living Christ children and family ministries focus on children and their families from the child's birth until
they move into student ministries.

Our emphasis is nurturing children to grow in their relationship and knowledge of their Lord and Savior, within the context of their family – home-based and church supported.

Children and families are encouraged to be active in worship, Ephesians 6 Ministry, congregation activities, and special fellowship and service events designed specifically for them.

Support, encouragement and resources for parents
are also part of this ministry - helping parents teach
and model faith for their children.

Ephesians 6 Ministry
Ephesians 6 Ministry is the name of our rotational 

Sunday school ministry. Class names come from the armor of God references in Ephesians Chapter 6, reminding us that as we grow in our relationship and knowledge of God we "put on more of God's armor".

The "rotational" model means children focus on one
Bible account for 3 to 4 weeks, learning in workshops including science, music, drama, games, kitchen, Bible knowledge, media and art, that are led by different

The variety of learning allows children who learn in different methods to "get it" during the course of the weeks, and helps them process the information with busy hands and minds.

Youngest Ones
Our Parents/Infants class is for parents of infants, who attend with their child, to learn from each other, enjoy fellowship withother parents of small children, and discuss topics pertinent to this stage in family life.

The Twos/Parents class, for two year olds and their parents, includes short parent lead lessons with a Bible reading, coloring sheet and snack, followed by playtime for the children and fellowship time for the parents.

Our Ready Feet class, for 3 & 4 year olds, focuses on one Bible account for 3-4 weeks using different learning methods like the older children, but these children meet in a classroom setting with one set of teachers.

Special Family Events
Special events are planned throughout the year to help young families connect, have fun, and grow in faith together and as a family, including Family Fun Nights, family gingerbread house building at Christmas, vacation Bible school ...

Music is an important part of children & family ministry, including children's choir, Ephesians 6 Ministry music, the children's Christmas program and summer music camp.